Welcome Message

cktutas scis

Welcome to the Department of Business Computing where your academic life will be greatly imparted.

The department has very innovative programs that are industry and Business cognizant and thus, is very committed to training students to be able to solve the numerous Business problems confronting us in every aspect of our society/economy.

For we are strategically aligned with industry and the Business world to have that necessary cross-pollination and cross-breeding of ideas for the total development of our students. The pedagogies we deploy in conveying our lectures/teachings are modern and technologically inclined.

We are a practically oriented department where students may come in without any skills but are destined to graduate with the necessary expertise for the job market.

Our students are also trained for continuous and further studies/research to be game-changers in society.

You will never regret coming into the Department of Business Computing. I wish you a memorable and exciting student life in the Department.

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